Update on Our Office Protocols


We continue to strive to provide the safest environment possible during the pandemic, while also understanding at some point we must take tentative steps forward toward the world we are all used to. Accordingly, we have made a few changes to our policy. First, we are no longer limiting occupancy in the office. Second, we are not screening everyone who enters for a fever – although we still have a short questionnaire regarding recent history of fever or exposure and ask everyone upon entering to wash their hands. Third, there are no longer restrictions on how many family members can schedule on the same day, nor any regarding accompanying patients back to the exam room. Strict cleaning of surfaces and eyeglass frames will continue for the foreseeable future. As to masks – the most controversial of subjects – we will continue to require them through the month of June. We expect that to end effective July 1, if Texas continues to head in such a positive direction and will make a final decision in mid to late June. Whenever that comes, mask wear will be “optional” and no longer “required.” All of our doctors, and most of our staff, have been vaccinated.

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About the Author: Dr. Kyle Cooke

Dr. Kyle Cooke

Dr. Kyle Cooke

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