Kid’s Eye Conditions


Many parents ask us “How old should my kids be when they get their first eye examination?”

A good rule of thumb is the summer before they begin kindergarten or first grade, provided you are not noticing anything suspicious that a problem exists earlier than that (for example: an eye turn, squinting, holding reading material close in, frequent headaches).

It is important to note that many kids with problems may pass some school screenings. They could be significantly far-sighted and still pass a distance acuity test. A far-sighted child may have problems with reading comprehension. What is really a vision problem can masquerade as a learning disability.

kids eye condition

SPECIAL NOTE – What is really a vision problem can often masquerade as a learning disability.

CORRECTION OPTION – The only realistic option for children under twelve is spectacles. Contact lenses require a greater level of maturity. We have many frame designs available with kids in mind the toughest frame materials available:

  • super-tough plastic frames
  • super light titanium frames
  • the latest technology in scratch resistant lenses
  • lightweight impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • prescription sports goggles