Facility Accessibility Policy


Mansfield Vision Center LLC ensures full accessibility to patient services including the physical facility and non-discrimination of any patient seeking care. Such provisions may also be detailed in our Non-Discrimination Policy, Sensory and Speech Impairment Policy and Limited English Proficiency Policy.

Physical Facility

Access to our physical office involves protections and provisions for patients and staff. Most of these policies are found in Mansfield Vision Center LLC’s Hazard Compliance Program (OSHA, CDC, CLIA) and HIPAA Privacy Program. Every effort is made to maintain a safe physical environment for all patients and staff and a safe and protected environment for patient information. In addition to those policies, in order to maintain patient, staff and information safety, the following policies are adopted. All policies are evaluated relative to their importance or necessary privacy.

  • Ensure new construction and altered facilities meet all disability and OSHA regulations and existing construction comply with OSHA as required.
  • Adhere to the OSHA/CDC operational mandates under the Globally Harmonized System.
  • Access to the office is restricted by the use of locks and barriers. Common entry areas are unlocked during business hours and monitored by front office personnel. Other designated entries are locked only from the outside per OSHA guidelines.
  • A list of all staff with access to the office through key or card admission is maintained in our HIPAA privacy and security documents. Staff are instructed to never share access privileges with any other individual. All access keys and cards are retrieved from any Staff member upon voluntary or involuntary termination.
  • Patient and visitor controls include staff oversight of entry and movement throughout the office, immediate recognition of entry by the front office personnel and use of external or digital sign in. All Staff remain observant of patient’s movement throughout the office during their care.
  • Visitor access to the office requires maintenance of a visitor sign-in/out log which will be maintained in either manual or digitally recorded format. Visitor movement throughout the office will be monitored by all Staff.
  • Areas where patients should not or do not have access are documented by appropriate notifications. Access to such areas may also be restricted by use or locks or other barriers.
  • Per HIPAA privacy requirements, all areas containing sensitive patient or practice information, including IT or computer rooms will be physically restricted by access location or lock. Any situation where visitor access to such areas is required will be continually monitored.

The Office Manager or their designee will regularly review all physical facility access issues.

Non-Discrimination in Facility Access

Mansfield Vision Center LLC ensures non-discrimination in the provision of all patient services. These efforts include patient and Staff policies without inclusion of any discriminatory factor including race, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability (physical or mental), age, status as a parent, or genetic information. Staff will be trained and continually updated regarding these policies. All these efforts are summarized in the following policies:

  • Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Sensory and Speech Impairment Policy
  • Limited English Proficiency Policy
  • Facility Access Policy
  • Hazard Policy
  • HIPAA Policy
  • Employee Manual policies